Wild Reading from, April 8

"It was at a standing room-only book reading at Strand Book Store... Much like the book, the event was insane. It started nicely enough, with Gibson reading from the book and taking questions. But at one point, he called on a man who began to try to hijack the reading. The man in reality is Bayo Ogunsanya, and he's suing Bob Langmuir, saying that he sold him some of the Arbus photos without knowing what they were, and now Langmuir will be getting rich off of them... Ogunsanya began demanding to be thanked in the book, insisting that he had been lied to, and had to be heckled down by Gibson and booed down by the audience...

Then, a self-described "magician and escape artist" jumped up and started to harass Gibson and Langmuir, saying that "Presto" the Magician (another Hubert's freak) was dying in a rest home, and could use some of the money from the auction and the book.

A third character, a Hasidic man, announced to the crowd that he had sold Langmuir the photos. In my humble opinion, it's insane how this world (of art and book collectors) contains so many characters who all come out of the woodwork when it seems like there's money to be had."

To watch the Strand reading, click here. You will need to have the Flash 9 player installed.


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