Jack Dracula was the subject of one of Diane Arbus's iconic photographs, "Jack Dracula, The Marked Man, NYC 1961." As he reveals in this fascinating bit of photographic history, the picture was taken in New London, Connecticut, not New York City.

Jack Dracula, who amazed and entertained tens of thousands at Hubert's Museum and sideshows around the country, is a now diabetic double-amputee living in a rehab facility in Philadelphia. We know he'd appreciate your cards, letters or gifts, and even more importantly, your monetary support, in whatever amount. His address is:

Jack Baker
4712 Chester Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19132

Everett Johnson, aka Presto the Magician, another Hubert's alum, is currently in the hospital in New Jersey.

He can be reached at 973-324-3000, room 222.